Cruise sale

Cruise sale

Project Description

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We successfully create websites for travel agencies and help customers to book any trip with no efforts

We find solutions to any complicated issue!

Home page

Do you know that cruise companies may set different prices for the same tour for different regions? This service allows you to prevent it and book the cheapest trip!

Minimalistic design
Simple and convinient UI / UX helps you to book any cruise in a moment! Have a look at the way this service displays information neatly and efficiently.

Fast & simple search

Laconic interface helps to navigate the site quickly and find the necessary information in the shortest terms!

Company’s blog
Promote your business, turn up traffic, boost brand authority and increase rankings with company’s blog!

Top advantages
Get a platform for differentiating yourself, keep ahead all the competitiors, manage your budget more efficiently and target your ideal customers!

Convinient choice
Show all possible trips on the website with the attendant information and choose the cheapest and most acceptable trip.

Quick search
Important SEO part, understandable modern interface and opportunity for quick cruise searching in required region

Make the order in one click

We have done huge analitic work in order to improve convinience of orders.
Choose the best variant having looked through 3 designs!

Instant search
Search for information, find open tabs, enter a query and get instant results!

Simpliest order form
We help not to overload the website with unnecessary information, difficult search, but save your time and reputation!

Cruise information
Be sure each cruise and ship are tracked and checked that allows to get only right information!

Whole project's statistic

14 experts
4 months...
1710 hours...
87 pages
Adaptive design

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