Project Description

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Start an E-commerce Business without risks and losses, but with the professional guide!

Online shop, service, corporate website.
German, English ... ? No problem!

Home page

We develop websites for a profitable business in e-commerce. We know how to attract and interest customers, making them regular ones.

Cool logos
Create unique, concise and memorable logos and reflect all the essence of your business.

Eye-catching advertisment
Put the whole idea and your business goals in 3 banners and emphasize your focus on actions with minimalistic design and laconism!

Full available catalog

It looks nice, isn’t it? Place your products on the site with a clear description, clickable photos and your specification information.

Make an order in one click

Quick search capability and easy-to-complete order of any item available. Simple navigation, laconism and simplicity attract more customers!

Easy-to-use menu
Help your customers make orders here and now! We’ll structurize your menu and carefully place a bright, accessible belt of goods.

Facility and ease
We know how to simplify the website, ease item searching and make laconic advertising.

Whole project's statistic

6 experts
1,5 months...
450 hours
24 pages
Adaptive design