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RoadX – changing and improving an automotive market


Transfer your money abroad and skip the classical banking system. Be sure in the security of money transfers and save on fees or commission thanks.


Here you can get tokens for $1 only! Predict the potential interest and get more benefit!

Cooperate with our experienced on multiple projects team that has partnerships with the leading law firms and technical teams!

roadx - ico blockchain

Money transfer
Allocate your expenses and deposits with an alternative to classical money transfer services.

Official launch
We started to work out this project in February and have established not only on the local, but also on the international market.

Token sale
Here you can get tokens for $1 only

Get what you want
Make purchases, advertise, reserve ad campaign budgets and make payments to publishers, ad platforms, and verification vendors.

Adaptive web site

We create adaptive websites. Be sure your website appears correctly automatically across the screens and devices of all types and sizes!


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