What we do?

We specialize on sites that really work, web-services, mobile application & social networks applications

What are the projects?

  • Web-services and startups — your brilliant ideas;
  • Corporative sites and shops on a turnkey basis ; High-loaded projects;
  • Social networks application (Facebook, Twitter, Google…);
  • Mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows).

What is the way to do it?

  • Firstly, we can think over any internet-projects from the idea to the logo. Since we are creative guys with over 8 years expirience in Web
  • Secondly, we can make trendy design. It will be modern many years;
  • Thirdly, we can develop proper html-code for this design, code the behavior and make it full of sense. Small techniques

And fourthly, using seo to manipulate users, PPC advertising and social networking — we know how to tickle your logistics department in connection with the influx of orders. Large marketing stuff.


We grow very active and are looking for new tasks about intergration with web-services, old ones have been perfecly accepted:

  • Business-client intergration with social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Google..) and mobile applications;
  • Ebay and business intergation;
  • Payment systems intergrations (PayPal, CyberSouce, iTransact) and SMS payments;
  • Phone-gates and sites intergration
  • Close busniness-processes and corporative site intergation;
  • GoogleMaps, Maps.me integrations


PHP (Zend, Yii, Symfony, Doctrine, PEAR and etc) /MySQL / MongoDB / Oracle, JavaScript (JQuery, Can.JS, Backbone, Angular) / SOAP / clear and understandable code.


Ara adaptive sites in vogue? We’ll help your business to be in trend and greater than your competitors in technical aspect.
We strongly recommend you to discuss adaptive design with us as a separate point. Probably, it will be enough to have mobile vers or classic stretchable html.

If you still don’t have an answer, please, have a look on our animated sketch and everything will become clear.